Sunday, April 5, 2009

Margarette Falls

Leroy and I decided to do something just by ourselves on the second day of our trip to Eastern Tennessee! I came across this site which had a ton of really cool hiking trails around where my parents live. I downloaded the driving directions and we headed towards the Blue Ridge Mountains to go hiking.

This is one of the most popular falls in Greene County, TN is the amazing 60-foot-tall Margarette falls. Getting to the falls was quite the adventure. Trying to locate this fall wasn't easy. We ended up getting lost a couple of times but we finally ended up driving down into a valley which eventually leaded to this really narrow road. Kinda reminded us of Arkansas. We ended up seeing some really old log cabin houses and we say a small sign telling us to turn into the parking lot. We were the only ones at the trail. Leroy thought maybe we should bring his gun for protection from wild animals. We were seriously in the middle of nowhere.

The hike to the falls was surprising beautiful and appeared to be quite easy at first. The trail eventually turned quite fairly strenuous. The trail snakes its way through impressive rock formations, over and around lots of small waterfalls and cascades, and across four creek crossings as it makes its way through the gorge to the falls. We even had to walk across a creek on old fallen log. Leroy ended up taking the camera from me when it was my turn to cross the log. He thought for sure, I would fall of the log which I made across it just fine. The waterfall itself is magnificent - the combination of free-falling water and cascades makes this waterfall unique and picturesque.

We decided to climb up the side of the waterfall. I read somewhere online if you climb up the side of the waterfall you can find another waterfall further up. It was straight up and I thought several times I was going to slip and fall. We managed our way up the water stream and started our trek to find the other falls. We came across an old campfire and we really had a hard time finding a trail. We find two much smaller waterfalls and the trail seemed to disappeared. We were literally hiking thru the forest. Leroy decided it would be best to turn around and go back. We didn't want to end up lost in the mountains.

On the way back, it was just as beautiful. Leroy kept joking I was going to fall down and twist my ankle. We were almost back to the van when I ended up tripping on my own foot. I didn't come completely down on my ankle. I still couldn't believe I felled down. It was completely flat on the bottom part of the trail. I got back up and manage just fine back to the van.

We left the hiking trail and decided to head back to Greenville for lunch at Applebee's than be decided to go shooting!

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