Saturday, April 18, 2009

Rainy Day Activity

One of the many things, I'm working on with the kids is teaching them to entertain themselves. Logan for the past of couple of weeks has started to show interest in writing messages and notes. I found the kids busy in the living room writing notes for daddy. Logan usually just writes wavy lines but I have noticed him attempting to write a few letters like "X" and "O". Logan will write a message but he always wants me to read it. I have tried several times for him to read the note to me but he always claims he doesn't know how to read but he can write? So, the kids were busy making notes which eventually made their way to daddy to read.

The little ones figure out that notecards are prefect for writing notes!

The little girl is already a pro at holding the pen. She didn't want a pencil but a pen.

Landon decided to join in the writing note mission! Landon really starting to take off with writing real complete sentences. Sentences that begin with Capitalize letters and end with correction puncation.

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