Monday, April 13, 2009

Family Home Evening


If your like me trying to plan something for FHE lesson is difficult. I'm not sure what exactly my problem is but I have a really hard time coming up with uplifting and spiritual lessons for my family. Due to the fact, that I have three kids under the age of six. Trying to keep the little ones attention can be difficult and down right frustrating. My little two year is always trying to help me with the lesson. It can be so hard. I decided to make a new goal for our family. We are going to try to have FHE every Monday. Last week, FHE only lasted for about ten minutes. I was completed flustered mostly with my hubby and his poor attitude. This week, my hubby and I decided to give it another try. We decided to try sitting down on the rug and in a circle. To make it warm and inviting atmosphere for the kids! It worked! I literally pulled this lesson together in the matter of minutes. I discovered this wonderful website called Family Home Evening Planner blog!

I absolutely loved the fact that all of the lessons have wonderful messages to share with your family and great object lessons.

I started our lesson with a milk jug. The kids were very quite and interested in how the milk jug would work into the lesson. I asked them what a gallon of milk is "Fortified with..."! We talked about what fortified means and how fortifying helps to make something stronger and better! How vitamins are added to milk to make our bodies stronger!

The next step was to read the story of the Three Pigs. I couldn't locate my copy. I decided to search YouTube and found this old Disney version of the story.

After, we watched the movie we talked about how the third house was the strongest? Why?

Then, came the fun part! I had the kids all take a turn building their own houses and we took turns trying to destroy the different houses. We talked about how next time we could fortify our homes to make them stronger. Just like in the scriptures, we talked about all the things we can do to fortify our homes like reading scriptures, saying our family prayers, and no fighting with each other.

The kids loved it and I'm planning on using this blog for more FHE ideas in the future.

Building a house of Cards!

It turned out to be very difficult to make a house out of cards. Remember, the Brady bunch episode where they end up building that huge house of cards. We were trying to recreate the same thing but all we could come up with was two learning up against each other! I didn't take much to huff and puff and blow this house down!

Landon built this house out of Lincoln Logs! Dad did manage to Huff and Puff and Blew a few of the roof pieces off his log cabin.

Logan built his house out of plastic blocks. Everyone tried really hard to blow his house down but it wouldn't fall down! Logan's house was the most fortified

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