Saturday, April 11, 2009


Logan is learning his learning his letters by using these fun Cuisenaire Rods. This is the perfect thing for hands on learning. Logan was able to build the letter B plus he was able to draw objects with the rods such as a boat. I purchased my set off of eBay for only a couple of dollars.

Learning how to build the letter B!
Slowly getting there!
For the next activity, I had Logan use the letter punch. He had to punch out Big "B" and Little "B" letters. I had him glue all the punched out B's on the correct side! So, all the big B's on the capital B and lower b had all the lowercase b's.
So, proud of my little guy. He did it all on his own!

You can print this off at!
He doesn't care to write his letters yet but he enjoyed this coloring and tracing sheet!

Sandpaper letters are a great way to get your little ones interested in writting!

I made my own sandpaper letters. You can purchase the sandpaper letters at Ebay and make the cards on your own. I think I spent about $10 on the whole project! I actually made these for Landon but he really wasn't interested in them. I completely forgot about them until the other day. I was digging around in the closet and I found them in an old envelope!

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Letters,Numbers and Books said...

great job i might have to get those rods!!! they are cool! love how you have the lines show how to trace them