Tuesday, April 7, 2009

First Haircut

A child’s first haircut is always a memorable event.
My little girl had her first hair cut last Friday. I was planning on taking her up to Walmart to get her hair cut but my friend Meg said she would love to give Leah her first haircut. So, after story time we headed over to her house. I really didn't think Leah would let me cut her hair. She wouldn't even let me style her hair more less touch it with a hair brush. You all know my little girl is Ms. Independent that explains why she's wearing her shirt backwards and its of course her Halloween top. Meg was very confident that she could cut off her mullet for me if she gave her a pop ring. Yes, it worked. Leah did great! It seemed as soon as Meg was able to trim off some hair Leah would turn her head. Doesn't my little girl look so grown up!

Before Pic

Look two hands on the ring pop! She's making sure no one take's it from her! Yes, the ring pop worked. She didn't move once off that chair!

Ta-Dah!!! No mullet!

Oh, look how cute she looks! This is even a first time for her wearing a headband!

Thank you, Meg!!!! You did a great job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


banananutmeg said...

my pleasure! She looks so cute with her little layers! Ring pops are the best bribery!

They have headbands at the associates store. Maybe the Easter bunny should pick some up for Leah's Easter basket. She loved wearing the one here!

If I could only do something about Quincy's mullet! Her hair needs to GROW!

Cassandra said...

Leah's haircut is adorable! Ring pops are my lifesavers. I always have some in my purse because if I decide to shop anywhere besides wal-mart my kids flip out as if it's abuse! They work!