Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Canning Obsession

My latest canning obession! My friend called me the other morning to tell me about an awesome deal on apples at the Walmart Assoicate store. I wasn't sure how many Apples would be left but my heart was racing. I didn't want to miss out on this great deal. As soon as I got off the phone. I grabbed the kids and we drive straight down the Associate store. It was like being a kid in a candy store. I loaded up my shopping cart all the way up to to the top. I ended up picking up close to 200 apples for only 10 cents per apple. So, I managed to get all the apples for only $20.00! I love a good deal.

I also got a lot of stares from people. I hope no one thinks about me taking the majority of the apples. I ended up having to count each and every apple at the check out stand. Talk about a pain in the butt. The cashier finally decided to help me count all of the apples or we would of been there all day. They had to bring in another shopping cart and we loaded up two carts with several boxes full of apples. Poor Logan was trying his best to push his cart. I was in the front with my cart and I was helping him with his cart from behind. Logan couldn't see anything over the cart due to all the boxes of appels. A friendly walmart guy offered to help us to the van. He wanted to go back but I wouldn't let him. I'm not sure if I could of done it by myself. Several more people staring at me as I'm loading up the van. Finally, this guy asked me what I was planning on doing with all of these apples. I told him I was planning on canning all of these apples. He turned to his wife and said "I told you so"! So, I finally made it home and unloaded all of the apples in the garage.

Today, we decided to finished up the peaches. Leroy's co-workers wife came over to help me with the canning. Also, Leroy, Sr. also came over to help. Canning with friends makes everything go so much faster. We managed to peel, cut, and can all the peaches in less than a hour. My other friend stopped by to help. We were done with the peaches so we moved unto the apples. I decided it would be best to make apple slices. I'm waiting for someone to finish up using the food mill so I can make my applesauce.

So, this is how we made the apple slices. We peeled and sliced all the apples. We boiled the apple slices in a light syprup for a total of five minutes. Once, they were done! We put them in hot jars and add light syprup to the apple slices. I processed them for 20 minutes in the waterbath.

Finally product: 10 jars of sliced peaches and 10 jars of sliced apples.

Not too bad, for one days of work.

Also, 25 pounds of apples produced 10 quarts of apple slices!
Yesterday, I made my famous homemade bread! Yummy! I'm thinking about doing another contest on my blog in a couple of weeks. Who would love to win this beautiful loaf of bread?


Emily Larkin said...

Do I still get to play even though I won the last one? So yummy!

lara said...

Ya, I don't care. It's my blog! My rules! Ha!!

banananutmeg said...

hey I'm done with the it made a lot! 23 quarts from about around 120 apples.
I did the cinnamon applesauce last, then tasted it and wished I had made more with cinnamon-it is so good! I added a little nutmeg too.

Call me tomorrow about the food mill. I'd still like to use it to make some baby food for Corbin, but I'm not in a huge rush to do that. I can keep the squash in the frig for another couple days until you're done doing applesauce. I still want to do peaches, so I'd love the coupon for jars if you still have one.

lara said...

Meg-go ahead and keep the mill. I'm not planning on making applesauce until Friday!

Noreen said...

That bread looks delicious. So do all of your canned products!! Wish I was that ambitious.