Monday, September 14, 2009

Crumpet Tea Room

We just finished a fun weekend with my sister and mom! My mom came in Friday evening. Leroy called and ask where we were and was surprised we were at the airport. He claims that I didn't tell him my mom was coming into town. My mom came out for the Preparedness Fair. I was running the three month food pantry supply booth again. I will post pictures from the fair another time. We spent the weekend at the fair, canning, cleaning up my house, and watching movies!
My sister has an amazing gift of organizing stuff. I brided her with a free lunch if she helped me reorganize my pantry shelfs. So, once we were all done we decided to head down to Crumpet Tea Room for lunch. Who can pass up those yummy orange rolls. My favorite. While waiting for our food we decided to take a couple snap shoots of the kids. The kids didn't want to dress up! They can be no fun at times. We did manage to get a couple of pictures.
Overall, a quick and fun weekend with family. Not too long but not too short. We also dropped of my canned good at the fair. They will be judging tomorrow. I'm taking Logan to the fair on Friday for the preschool trip. I'm really hoping I place something. I managed to submit 8 canned jars. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!


banananutmeg said...

Lara- I checked out the rules and they said everything has to have been canned since Sept 2007 to be eligible AND in Ball jars. Lame.

I LOVE those orange rolls. My mouth is watering.

Hey, I want to be in your drawing for a loaf of homemade bread! I want to try that herb focaccia you've been telling me about!

lara said...

I think you misunderstood the rules. It can't be any older than Sept. 2007. They accept all jars expect for the real fancy decorative jars. I just got back. Call me! The rules were confusing online. If you want to be able to win the ball/kerr award they have to use their jars. It didn't appear to be a big deal this morning when I dropped off my jars.