Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My new Favorite Author!

I can't believe I have never read Rosemary Wells books before to my kids. I came across them at the library last week and decided to check them all out at once. While, reading the books to Logan and Leah this afternoon. I discovered this book series called "The Edward Unready" is a perfect fit for Logan. Edward is a shy little bear that has a hard time dealing with new situations. My favorite line in these books is "Not everyone is ready for the same things at the same time." This is how I feel about Logan. His doing everything on his own timeline. Some kids need to take things a lot slower. In today's rush to rush society its a great refreshing book. What's wrong with a child being able to stay home in a warm and loving environment. Logan loves to be home. Logan does attend preschool but he could be in Kindergarten but he isn't ready. So, if you have a shy child this is the prefect book for them!

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Emily Larkin said...

I love the Edward books! I love the one where he goes to his first sleepover and his parents have to put snow tires on in the middle of the night to go pick him up! I have been a fan of her books for years. She has a way of capturing kids personalities. I totally named Max after the Max from Max and Ruby. (The books, not the less then cute cartoon version.) You'll have to bring the kids over for storytime one of these days.