Thursday, September 17, 2009

My "a" Sound Box

My favorite series of books to teach small children their alphabet and letter sounds. I had all three kids pick up a box and explore the house for items that start with the letter "A" sound. It wasn't an easy challenge. The boys found bags of apples, animals, and animal crackers.
Landon took over reading the book. I can still remember when I first read this book to him over two years ago. He ended up reading most of the book to Logan and Leah. I taught my son how to read not his Kindergarten teacher. I'm so proud of my little guy.
Leah is really enjoying this hands on activity!

After, we were done with the book. I decided to get get out the letter cookie cutters. Logan practiced making Letter "a's" in the play-doh.

Landon is very bored at school. He keeps complaining about his tummy hurting. I know his tummy isn't hurting him his super bored at school. I called Landon in sick. I know he isn't sick but maybe a break is all the guy needs.
I decided to pull my homeschool material from downstairs. He sat down and got busy. He loved it. He even said he felt like he was finally learning something. I'm working with his teacher but I don't know if she can really challenge him at this point. The seat work is super easy for Landon. I'm now thinking about homeschooling him again. We will see...


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