Thursday, September 17, 2009

Playing Hookey

Remember this morning, Landon was complaining about a stomach ache...Oh! It doesn't appear to be bothering him anymore. I reminded him during his meal that his stomach was hurting earlier. He quickly told me that his stomach is still hurting but he wasn't thinking about it. Ya,right! The little guy ate a whole plate full of mexican food.
Sweet memories before Landon started going to full time school we use to always stop off for Mexican food after storytime. We decided to hit the Roger's Library for storytime and swing by our favorite Mexican Restaurant Marie's! Sometimes, I wish we could go back in time when the kids were really little. I just loved having lunch with my kids. Landon kept saying outloud he wished he was Mexican so he could eat Mexican food all the time. Silly boy!

After we got back from Marie's the boys wanted to do a pumkin craft. I put these priate crafts on clearance last year. The boys have been waiting patiently all year long to put them together.
Landon with his priate head...
Logan did a great job as well. I only had to help him a little bit. The little guy wnated to stop off at the pumpkin patch but it's way too early to crave pumpkins. It's way to warm outside. The pumpkins would get moldly way too fast. So, foam pumkins were the trick to this problem.

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