Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Like A Fairy Princess

Slaving away at the sewing machine trying to finish up this project. I'm making a cute little jacket to go over the dress. I seem to be missing one of the pattern pieces. My friend from church has been coming over to help me with this project. She's currently out of town. Hopefully, when she gets back she can help me with the missing pattern piece. Leah dress consists of a full skirt! She loves to spin around in it. The dress totally matches her personality.

A lot of people don't like to sew because it can be so expensive. I just wanted to explain that this dress didn't cost me one penny. My friend brought over a huge pile of left over scrap material. We just pieced together some different types of materials and came up with this combination. My friend gave me the pattern to use and gave me the buttons. I just love the fact...I made this completely free!

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