Monday, January 5, 2009

1st Reading Challenge For The Year 2009

Check out Teaching Tiny Tots to join in the reading theme challenge! You can find lots of information and inspiration at her site.

This weeks theme: The Mitten by Jan Brett!

I just wanted to add: we love Jan Brett books. I never heard of this book. I checked out my tiny library and they didn't carry this book. I thought for a moment we would have to skip this book challenge. So, I drove the extra 20 minutes to another library in Rogers which has a much bigger selection in children books. Well, I scored big time. I was very pleased to find the book!

I decided to check out Jan Brett website! You can find this really cute mitten activity at her website,click here. I decided to take the activity a step further. I printed off the mittens and animals. I took the mittens and took a piece of white paper and made them into real mittens. The kids had fun cutting out all the animals and coloring them. I picked up each animal and repeated the name of each animal. Leah loved putting the animals into the mitten! I also talked a little bit about the size difference between the mittens. Ex. Which one is small/large...

I found this website a really cute animal track printable sheet, click here. We looked thru the book again and realized you can see animal tracks in the snow. We did the worksheet together and talked about how a animal track is left in the snow.

Leah didn't seem to interested in the book but she really enjoyed the mitten activity. Logan loved the book but wasn't to crazy about the activities. Oh, well! I can't please everyone.


teachingtinytots said...

what fun!!!

jan brett listed my teaching blog on her webpage under blogs n books!!! i was so thrilled!!!!

lara said...

Wow! That's awesome!

Professional Mommy said...

Love your header pic! So cute!