Monday, January 12, 2009

Faux Snow

The theme is week is going to be winter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It hardly ever snows here! The kids have been wanting to make a snowman for a long time. Even if it does snow it usually melts aways super fast.

Check out this website to get the directions to make faux snow,click here . The kids loved this. Logan didn't like getting his hands dirty which is very strange for him. He usually doesn't mind getting dirty. I think it was the texture that turned him off.

I ended up using dove soap and it worked just fine!

So, much fun....


banananutmeg said...

love the glitter!

~Maria said...

Thanks for the GREAT idea! We made a couple this morning right after I read your blog! SO much fun and much warmer than being out in the abundance of snow that is falling outside right now here!

Anonymous said...

very fun!