Friday, January 30, 2009

Does this look like fun?

This is what happens when I have six boys and two girls over for a playdate!

A massive amount of fun!!!

Sledding, Painting, Tree Swinging, Exploring the woods, playing dolls, signing happy birthday a couple of times, pretending to eat homemade wood burgers, beanie baby fight, and hucka bucka beanstalk!

Oh, I'm just about wiped out.

In the end, the kids cleaned up all the messy! I'm always at my prime when surround by lots of kids.

I ended up sending everyone home and I sent my boys across to the street to play with the neighbor kids at their house for once this week.

Leah doing some quick shopping around the house!

Gracie and Leah decided to go for a quick walk with their babies!

Beanie Baby Fight!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I feel really bad for my little guy. He has a hard time playing with the big kids. He ended up pulling out the stencils on his own and decided to play by himself:(

Don't ya just love Melissa & Doug toys!!!!

Leah's busy fixing lunch for everyone!

I just finished knitting this cute hat for Leah!

Off the boys go exploring in the woods!

Sledding down the hill!
Leah exploring the snow with Gracie!

Hands on Project-Painting!!!!!

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