Saturday, January 31, 2009

Slowly Melting Away...

The ice/snow is finally starting to melt away. The temperatures are finally up to high 50's. I decided today would be a great day to go for a nice nature walk. You should of seen the kids. The boys had a blast riding their bikes on the ice. Logan did eventually fall off his bike. He landed right on his belly. His whole front side of his shirt was soaking wet but the little guy got right back on his bike and kept on pedaling. Landon and Logan both thought it was extremely funny to ride their bikes into the snow piles along the trail. It was never a dull moment with my kids. Leah insisted on throwing snowballs along the trail. On, the way back the kids were very interested in checking out the play ground equipment. They wanted to see how the ice was melting off the slides! Gosh, I just love my children. They are naturally curiousest about their surroundings. How many times does a kid get to ride his bike in snow and ice. I'm going to be really sad when my little man goes back to school next week. I hate hearing about him being bored at school. This whole week has been nothing but fun!!!
Life is all about taking risk!

Thank goodness, I don't micro-manage my children!

Freedom to explore and play!

Discovering new things everyday. Look closely...You will see Sand and Snow!

Learning science with real hands on life experiences!

Deep in thought, while walking back to the van to go home. Landon asked a really good question! Why haven't the scientist figure out how God made the planet? Ummm, let's discuss this matter another time. The little guy was really being serious. His growing up way too fast.

Playing, Exploring, and Learning!!!!

Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you. - Frank Lloyd Wright

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