Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ice Ice Baby!!!!!!!!


Well, this has been the best week ever. I love having all of my kids home with me! It's been sooooo much fun. Thank goodness, we only lost power for a few minutes and hopefully it will still stay on.

All of the ice is starting to melt off the trees. CRASH I ended up taking my boys and the neighbor boys for a nature walk! On the way back, we ended up hearing his horrible Crashing sound. A huge branch came crushing down on our neighbors yard. It ended up scarying the crap out of everyone. We ended up running home. I was really worried a tree would come down on us.

Leah ended up coming down ill. Leroy decided to brave it and take her to town to see a doctor. Leah is on drugs and feeling a lot better. Leroy was able to pick up some batteries for my camera. Thank goodness, I really wanted to be able to take some pictures of all the snow and ice.

The kids have spent some much time outside playing. We don't own any sleds. So, the kids found random plastic pieces to sit on to slide down the back driveway!

We also spent a lot of time. Watching the birds and the snow/ice. I just loved how the birds looked up in the trees which are covered with half inch of ice. The snow light coming thru the ice is very pretty.

We are almost done reading "Little House on the Prairie". We have been busy reading books and crafting.

My hubby has been able to work from home. Its been like being on Vacation without going anywhere. Just having fun at home. Its so nice to have my whole family under the same roof. I know it wouldn't be long and the kids will be all grown up and gone.

An older neigh boor stopped by the house. He wanted to take a few pictures of the boys playing in the snow. He said he really enjoyed watching the kids play outside because it always brought back good memories of his own three kids.

Leroy, right now just built the boys a huge indoor clubhouse in the family room.

All is good for the Scheele family.

Here are some pictures from Landon and I. We ended up taking a walk down the street. I thought it would make for a fun nature walk. Take peek and enjoy!!!!!!

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MoziEsmé said...

Those snow pics look fun! Glad you didn't get hit by any falling trees...