Friday, January 2, 2009

My goals...

I wanted to say what my goals are for this year. I'm normally not a list maker. This is a big step.

1. Get organized!
2. Meal planning
3. Spend more time outdoors
4. Go on a date with my hubby twice a month!
5. Focus on building up our food storage!
6. Lose some weight!
7. Start preparing to run in a 5k!
8. Learn how to crochet.
9. Teaching Logan to control himself!
10. Work on daily scripture reading and prayer!
11. Make more meals from scratch.


banananutmeg said...

good list Lara. The local Children's Shelter hosts a 5K or 10K every year to raise funds for the children's shelter. I think it was August when I ran it this was $20, and what a great cause! Also, they have a 1 mile fun run for the kids to do, they get a shirt and a backpack full of stuff. I'll ket you know when it gets a few months before the run and if you want to do it together, I'll run it with you. I'll have just had a baby 3 months before and will be all wimpy, though!

Anonymous said...

Very good list. I also want to do the 5 k! Thanks for sharing!