Saturday, August 29, 2009

All Aboard!

The last time the boys rode on this train was back when the boys were 3 and 1 years old. I have wanted to take the kids back to the frisco festival in Rogers but we always seemed to miss it. This year, I finally got the date down and made it a family event.
We were a little bit confused at first where to purchase the tickets. We couldn't remember where we got tickets last night but it soon came back to us once we saw the train. They had a little table under a tent to purchase tickets. A gentleman came up to us waiting in the line and said he was going to give away three free tickets. The lady in front of me, grab the tickets right out of my hands. I wasn't happy. We almost had three free tickets. Oh, well. That's my luck.
The kids were so excited to get on board the train. Landon claimed to remember the train ride from last time but I have my doubts about it. The Arkansas and Missouri train is a short-line train. The thing about the train ride that is fun is the trains have been fully restored. The passenger car is from the 1940's. The kids really enjoyed the first half of the train ride. The ride back was little bit on the boring side. We finally managed to make it back to Rogers. The evening was coming fast upon us we hit a couple of the kiddie rides which were all free. Gotta love free rides for the kids.


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