Monday, August 31, 2009

Crushed Tomato Sauce!

I ended up accidently deleting this really nice long post. I'm too pissed off to try to rewrite the whole thing. Thanks, Leroy, Sr. for helping me with my lastest canning obession. I ended up with a several cans of crushed tomato sauce and two jars of canned peaches. Thanks, for the help!

Free Case of Second Tomatoes!
The peaches I picked up at the fruit stand ended up being way to hard. I'm going to have towait a couple of days and try again to can these peachy peaches!


Jennifer said...

I am laughing right now. I currently have jars of tomato sauce and peach jam sitting on my dining room table, that I was going to write a blog about, but haven't gotten the energy to yet. Yours look delicious.

lara said...

Ya, you should see my lastest adventure. I have over 200 apples in my garage waiting to be canned!