Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Want to keep your kids busy...

Get them a pet! Pets keep kids busy, kids busy makes mom happy!Yesterday, the kids found the box turtle in the back yard. The turtle kept the busy all day long. I'm not going to let them keep it forever but a couple of days.
Logan's a huge animal lover. He decided to name him "Blake"!
The kids ran inside and looked up information about box turtles on the internet.
The discovered that box turtles like to eat minnows. So, off we went to the creek to fish for minnows. We didn't catch any fish but get a couple of crawdads to bring back for the turtle.

The boys were so funny trying to catch fish without any bait.
This morning the kids released the turtle back to nature. I love the idea of only have a pet for a day. Ha, ha! The neighbor kids are going to get a pet turtle from Petco this afternoon which works out great for us. The kids can go next door and see their turtle.


Mark said...

It's great that you're going to release the turtle. It should make for a wonderful teaching opportunity. Wild box turtle numbers are declining for a number of reasons, including collection by people who quite innocently think it's okay to keep a wild turtle as a pet. Please be sure to let the turtle go where you found it. Box turtles are territorial and will wander if they're set free away from their home range.

Also, box turtles are not aquatic, and it looks like you're keeping this one in water. If you want to hang on to it for a few days, gather some soil and leaves and put them in the bottom of the container and add a large but shallow dish of water (a flower pot saucer should work), so that the turtle can climb in and out to bathe and drink.

This link has some good information about box turtles and issues related to their conservation:

lara said...

Thanks, for the information. The kids only had him in the sandbox for a little while. The boys released the turtle the this morning back to nature.