Saturday, August 8, 2009

A Perfect Day...

for a birthday party!
I decided it would be best to have the same type of party from last year. A Slip N Slide and water balloon fight!
My friend helped me fill up like 500 water balloons. I kid you not it took days! It's really hard to fill up balloons when the kids kept wanting to help themselves to the water balloons.
Logan refused to join in the party for the first hour. I was really getting annoyed with him. I planned this birthday bash for him and he spent most of the time by himself. He invited a little friend to the party and she did the same thing. It was kinda funny. Logan finally did join in the slip n slide fun but he only did it a couple of times.
A couple of crazy moments happened during the party. Landon cried a like a baby. I don't know why but it might of been a little too much.
I told myself from last years experience not to invite too many kids. I thought I did a good job only inviting a couple of friends. I some how ended up with 13 kids but it did manage to go up to 16 kids at the very end of the party.
Lots of friends, moms, and yummy cake.
I did make homemade icecream but decided at the last minute to serve Popsicles at the end. I told Leroy we will eat the icecream once the kids are in bed.



Schoen Family said...

It sounds like Logan wants his own birthday party next year!

banananutmeg said...

ALWAYS give kids popsicles over homemade ice that good stuff for yourself!!! They don't care or know the difference.
the cakes turned out great!
Are you ready for the 5K tomorrow?