Sunday, August 16, 2009

Fruits of My Labor

At the beginning of summer, I planted a row of watermelon seeds. Immediately after planting the seeds it ended up raining really hard. I thought for sure all the seeds had washed away. I was surprised to discovered a watermelon growing up on the link fence in the backyard. A seed a survived. One seed had turned into one watermelon. I was busy watering the garden and I decided to check on the watermelon plant. I discovered the melon missing. I thought for sure the deer had eaten it. Oh, no! I looked down the hill and there it was. I thought for sure it would not be ready but was surprised to find it ripe in the inside. Small but still ripe. The kids dived right into it and had a nice treat. Also, I went back and discovered another small watermelon growing in the grass. Can't wait to try that watermelon next.


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