Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Frosting A Cake

How to make the frosting for the rainbow cake. I normally make buttercream frosting for the kids birthday cakes but I decided to go with something a little bit healthier. Just mix two boxes of french vanilla pudding mix two tubs of cool whip. Just whip together until their are no lumps.

Landon wanted to help frost the cake. He did a really good job mixing up the frosting. He wanted red frosting but it turned out more pink than red. So, we decided to make orange instead by adding a little bit of yellow dye to the red dye. Get it!
The frosting is extremely thick and hard to spread. It takes a little bit of arm work to get it on nicely. Just drop the frosting on the cake with huge gloops.
Landon did a good job spreading the frosting on the cake. The frosting doesn't look the greatest but it's delicious not overly sweet.
I tried to spell Landon's name on top of the cake but it turned out that great. So, no close ups!
Leah had the best job: licking the whisk and bowl of frosting.
After frosting the cakes, we were busy outside setting up for the party. Tia decided to tie a piece of crepe paper in Leah's hair. It turned out cute with her new short haircut.

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banananutmeg said...

does that not make you want to run out and buy ribbon in every color to put bows on her head? it's only crepe paper and it is still stinking cute! Happy birthday, boys!