Sunday, August 9, 2009

It's not a birthday party without a...


A first time for everything is what I like to say about this project. Landon really wanted a pinata for his birthday bash. My friend offered to come over and help me make the boys a pinata. I really thought it would be a long and difficult processed but its not. It's just time consuming.

This is how you make the paste:
2 cups flours
3 cups water

Directions: Just cut strips of newspaper in 6-8 inches long, dip strips in the paste, take your fingers and wipe off the excesses paste. Oh, make sure to blow up your balloon and start laying a the wet newspaper over the balloon and let it dry over night. The next day, you repeat the same process. Once the pinata is dry, just paint and stuff with goodies.

If you can't tell what the pinata is? Take a look? Can you see its a dinosaur! The kids wanted to paint it blue and orange. My friend painted a cute face.

After the party, we didn't have a heart to throw it away. It took us all week long to make. It's currently, on the front porch.



MoziEsmé said...

I've never seen a homemade pinata before - very cool!

Sadie said...

Looks like fun! We made a pinata a few years back for their b-day...I made it too many layers and they couldn't break it....the dads had to start taking whacks to get it to break!

lara said...

Omg!We were worried about that happening as well. We only did two layers on the pinate. It was a miracle it didn't break open after the first swing. All the kids got one turn at hitting the pinata blind folded.