Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Doc's Appt


No big surprise but our little girl is going to be a big girl. The doctor said that I'm measuring right on schedule but he felt like she's already around seven pounds. I'm only 37 weeks. At this rate, she will be around nine pounds. My doctor is going out of town for ten days. The day after he gets back in town, he is schedule for surgery. So, I will see him on June 14th and we will decided on the next step. He told me that he would help me bring my labor on my own or we could just wait! I'm really leaning towards having him break my bag of water on the 14th. I really don't feel like pushing out another nine pound baby. My biggest worried at this point is the baby will be too big and I will end up with complications.

I'm dialated at 1.50cm and 80% effaced. He thinks that by next week, I should be up to a 3cm. By the time, he gets back in town that I should be up to a 4cm. Remember with Leah, I made it up to 5cm and I had to have him break my water. I was really worried that if I went into labor at home that I wouldn't make it to the hospital in. So, the doctor feels like the same thing is going to happen again.

For some reason, I make my girl babies huge and my boy babies tiny. So, I'm going to enjoy myself until the baby comes. I'm planning on spending a lot of time at the pool and walking. Hopefully, things will move along smoothly.

Leah 9lbs 4oz

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