Friday, May 18, 2012


Be ready, this is a bragging post.

Landon managed to bring home seven awards from school. Yes, you read that right, seven! I'm a little bit upset with myself for not bringing my camera. I only expected him to receive one award but he ended up being called up over seven times to come to the stage!


  1. Brunco Run Club-5k Gold Rush Run
  2. AB Honor Roll
  3. Citizenship Award- This is award to two kids from each class for each semester. Landon was nominated and voted by his classmates for this award.
  4. Kiwanis Terrific Kids-Landon's teacher said that "I can aways count on him to do the right thing." Mrs. Hallwachs.
  5. Athletics-this award was given to students that showed sportsmanship, coordination, and leadership skills.
  6. All Star Student-Student Council for serving on the council and being a good board member.
  7.  Art award-Artistic Excellence
I'm so proud of my son...he can always be counted on by his teacher to make good choices, He is well liked by his peers, and doesn't have a problem standing up for others at school.

Landon always gives 100% and I love him so much...Way to go!!!!  Next year, Landon will be in Fourth grade. Where did all the time go??????

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