Sunday, May 27, 2012

Summer Break Kickoff

Summer Break Kickoff Week

1.  The boys last day of school was on Monday, May 21st! It's nice to be out of school early but it's going to make for a very long summer. The kids will go back to school August 20th. I will have all three kids in school is year. Landon will be entering 4th grade, Logan will be in 2nd grade, and Leah will be a Kindergartner. No more preschool, I have been driving the kids to preschool for the past six years. It's going to be nice to have a couple of years off before the new baby will be attending preschool.

2.  I'm due in less than three weeks, yippee!!!! I'm so ready to be done! I'm now, going to the doctor every week until the baby comes. I'm trying not to stress out to much about my doctor going on vacation. If you really think about it, the nurses do 90% of the work. The next couple of weeks, I'm going to be running around with the kids. I don't want them to have a lame summer because I'm having a baby. So, I'm still feel'n good which means I'm trying to do a ton of summer activites with the kids before the baby comes.

3. This week alone, we have gone to the splash park, library (rogers & bella vista), swimming pool, sand park, sleep overs, bubbles, water sprinklers, playdates, jumping on the trampoline, ice cream cones, building forts, catching fire flys, ice pops, and staying up late playing with neighbor friends.  My theory this summer is have as much free and unstrurture play time. I'm planning on taking the kids to the pool just about every day of the week. I won't be able to go swimming when the baby comes, so now is the time to enjoy it.

4.  The pool finally opened up on Friday, the water is cold but it's not too bad once you get in it. I'm red as a lobster but it's okay. I'm just working on my summer tan, I'm usually good about turning red to brown, pretty quickly.

5.  It's so nice, to be able to sleep in. The kids are staying up late but I'm loving how nice and quiet it is in the mornings.

6. I'm back to working on my scrapbooks. The kids last night pulled out all of the scrapbooks and it was really fun looking back when they were little itty bitty babies. Logan hates all of the naked baby pictures but I think they are adorable.

7.  Yesterday, we went to the Blueberry Barn to pick berries. We have been going for the past four years. Landon claimed he didn't want to go picking because he doesn't like blueberries but when I told him he could stay home with daddy. He threw a huge fit. Ya, I knew he wanted to go picking but he wouldn't admit it. When we got to the place to pick berries. A lady that worked at the farm asked when I was due. I told her June 19th and we headed out to the patch to pick. I really didn't think anything about it until we came back from picking three gallons of blueberries. The next thing, I knew she was coming up to me wanting a big hug. I wasn't sure at first why she wanted to give me a hug at first but she told me that she was so worried about me. She thought for sure I would go into labor while picking berries and they would have to deliver the baby out in the! She even told me that she sent her husband out to keep an eye on! It was super sweet of her. I'm pretty sure the baby isn't coming any time soon. It would make for an interesting birth story if I did go into labor while picking berries!

8. It's really hard to keep track of time, now that the kids are done with school. It's only been the first week of school but it's so nice not to be tied down to a set schedule. The only thing on my calendar is doctors appointments and I have to go visiting teaching. I'm taking off the month of July. I'm not going to drag all of my soon to be four kids to visiting teaching appointments.

9. My birthday is coming up on Wed. I'm feel'n a little bit on the old side...I'm going to be turning 34! A little bit crazy if you ask me. I'm not planning a party this year. My in laws threw me a little surprise party, last Sunday at their house. A Dairy Queen ice cream cake plus a nice cookbook and sewing pattern for the baby. I'm not sure if we are going to do anything else for my birthday this year.

10.  I catch Logan on my sewing machine this morning. He was busy sewing barbie doll clothes for Leah's dolls. I love how well he can keep himself busy. I just wish my other son could do the same thing!

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Schoen Family said...

Looks like a ton of fun! Savannah saw the pictures on your blog and wanted to go swimming too. I told her that you lived in Arkansas and that it would be too far to travel. She kept on calling her cousins her " her friends" and come on mommy let's go. How sweet!