Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day BBQ...Surprise!

A Mother's Day surprise...Leroy and his brother worked up a special surprise for their mother. Last year, while we were in Hawaii on vacation...the guys talked about having William come visit us on the Mainland and visit with his parents. They decided it would be more fun for him to make a surprise visit and surprise his mom and dad! We all played our parts. Landon knew about the surprise for about 3 months and never said a word to anyone. The day, Uncle William fly into the the day we told the two younger kids. I was really worried that the kids would spill the beans but they didn't! Due to us, attending church at 1:00pm we decided to celebrate Mother's Day at our house on Saturday with a big BBQ celebration. I spent literally all day on Friday prepping food and cleaning up the house for the big day.

Leroy's parents and sister came over for BBQ around 12:00pm. We told them that we had a package from William and we had gifts to pass out in the Sun Room. We all sat down, the kids were being super good. I was really worried that they would say something but they didn't. Leroy passed out all of the goodies from Hawaii. Leroy told her that he had one more thing for her and pulled out a MuuMuu dress for his mom. She was really excited about it. It was a surprise, the dress...she didn't realize it at the time but she had another surprise coming....Leah at this point mention a "surprise" but grandma thought she was talking about the dress.

Leroy told his mom that he forgot he had one more gift for her. He went downstairs and came back upstairs with William behind him. His parents were in complete shocked. They couldn't believe their eyes. It's been about three years since William has come for a visit. Everyone was crying and very happy. So, we had a surprise of a lifetime.

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