Saturday, May 5, 2012

Gold Rush 5k

Logan 7 & Landon 9

Logan 5 & Landon 7

Back in 2010, Landon ran the 5k with a time of 29:40 and Logan ran his very first fun run (1k)!

Now in 2012, Landon ran the 5k but a different course of a time of 26:33 a pace of 8:44! Logan ran in the Fun Run again. He came in 12th place but he was the fourth person to come in for Cooper Elementary.

Logan now wants to start training for a 5k! Landon of course, doesn't train because he only like running races. Yesterday at the races, I was so proud of my boys. It sucks that I'm huge and miserable! It was pure toture watching everyone running but me! I'm so proud of my boys!!!!

Landon was the very first student from Cooper Elementary to come in at the 5k race. The boys shirt this year, were bright green. I saw him coming down to the finish line. I was so proud of him. He was kicking butt!!!!!! I still couldn't believe his time. He did an awesome job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He was upset at the end, that he didn't win an award. He can him 5th place for his age group but he came in 5th place out of 132 other boys in his age group of (0-9) years old.

If he would just train, he could be even faster!

Logan really wants to earn a medal.

I'm going to sign them up for another race next weekend.

It's a free race for kids!!!!!

We will be there!

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