Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1. School is finally over, the kids are out for the next 90 days.

2. We kicked off the Summer Break with a quick trip to the Splash Park! The kids had a blast but they weren't too happy about the temperature of the water. It was cold but it didn't stop them from having fun. To dry off, we headed over to the park that's located across the parking lot. The kids had so much fun running around and playing tag and hide-n-seek.

3. After the Splash Park, we headed over to Aldi's for some food shopping. The kids are getting so big, they are such big helpers. Landon managed to get the shopping cart plus he pushed it all over the store for me. I didn't have to unload the shopping cart...all three kids help unloading the groceries onto the convener belt. They even fought over who was going to pick up the watermelon. I was a little bit worried that Landon was going to drop it on the floor but he managed it just fine.

4. Our final stop was to the local library. We had several overdue audio books. So, we dropped them off and we headed over to the children's library. I managed to pick up the rest of the series of "Dairy of a Wimpy Kid" which is really fun to listen to...highly recommend them. Leah's favorite phrase from the book is "Zoo We Mama"! She says this all the's really cute! The boys picked out their books...I'm mean Chapter hoo! No more picture books for them. Landon's reading a book that's about 500 pages long. It's about magic and fantasy. The little guy has already finished about 50 pages. Logan picked out a couple of chapters books as well. I remember when they were little I use to read to them out loud from chapter books while drinking hot chocolate. Those days are hoo! They don't need me anymore...good thing another baby is on the way. My boys are growing up FAST!

5.  I had my doctor's appointment today, not to much to report. I gained two more pounds, my blood pressure is up but it's still in the perfectly normal range, and I'm dilated 1 cm plus I'm 60% effaced. My doctor is going on vacation in a couple of weeks, I'm really hoping I wouldn't be left to the mercy of some random on call doctor. I'm trying not to get to upset. I normally don't deliver until my due date. He will be back in town on the 16th and my due date is 19th! Plus, the week I'm due Logan is going to art camp and Landon is going to twilight cub scout camp. It's going to be hard but I know I have lots of friends that will help us out.

6. Everything is ready for the baby. I finished packing my hospital bag last night! I had a couple of strong contractions and that was enough to scare me into getting all the loose ends finished up. My friend Emily threw me a baby shower. It was the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me. It was so FREAKIN cute! The illegal baby crawling race was so much fun! I can see it being repeated with other baby showers. I just want to thank everyone who came my baby's shower. It means a lot to me! I loved every single gift that I receive from the shower. Thanks, again!

7.  Leroy's brother William sadly will be leaving in the morning and going back home to Hawaii. Lucky dog, I wish we were all going back with! The kids have had so much fun with their Uncle that it will be sad to see him leave. Logan is bossed with Uncle Wiliiam's fake diamond earrings. He wants his own set, William told him that if he gets earrings he will be in big trouble. He omitted to Logan that he is not being a good!

8.  Right now, I'm currently working on scrapbooking. I just finished a digital book about the kids soccer season. It's so fast and easy. I'm also working on finishing up all the photos that I have stored in books in the house. I'm also doing old fashion paper scrapbooking. I have all the supplies, it's time to get busy. It's so much more time consuming. It's really fun, looking back at the pictures of the kids. Right now, I'm working on 2006! I know once the baby comes that I will be too tired so I'm working hard at it.

9.  I'm walking again, I hate feel'n like a couch potato! I'm trying to walk every morning. I can't seem to be able to sleep in. So, I'm going to walk before Leroy leaves to go to work. I can't seem to find the key for the treadmill which is a bummer. I'm sure it will pop up sometime...hopefully sooner than later.

10. We still don't have a name, I'm thinking at this point we should try to come up with an entirely different name...maybe "LeiLani" and call her "Lani" for short. Arghh...seriously, the only thing left on my to-do list for the baby!


Meg said...

I love this post. I agree, Emily threw you an adorable shower! I wish I could have stayed longer.
Lani is an ADORABLE name. It has my vote, that is freaking cute, and i can just see leah showing off her baby lani to everyone.
I hope you don't go into labor early, but if you do, you know we are all here for you to help with the kids!

Emily Larkin said...

Arg! No Leilani! I hated my roommate at BYUH whose name was Leilani. But seriously it is a beautiful name and I'll get over it.