Monday, March 16, 2009

Kicking Up Some Dirt!!!!!!

Just being kids...When I was little we lived right next door to a new subdivision that was being built. They had this massive dirt hill. My friends and I would love to go over there and play on this dirt hill for hours. We would literally come home covered in dirt from head to toe.

So, today at Landon's soccer practice. I realized the kids could go up and play on the dirt hill while Landon played soccer. Logan was very nervous about the hill at first. I ended up climbing all the way to the top of the hill with him. Once he got over his fear. He was exploring the whole dirt hill. The little guy just lite up. He was running, climbing, exploring, and kicking up the dirt. Freedom. Yes, freedom. So, many parents are way to worry about kids getting dirty or afraid their going to get hurt that kids nowadays don't even want to be outside and active. No wonder, so many kids are overweight.

Leah of course had no fear of the dirt hill and took off for it in a flash. I think she might of been trying to out run Logan. She kept on walking around the dirt pile kicking up a ton of dirt with her brand new boots. Did you look at them closely. They are so cute. So, her personality. Than, she started to kick dirt at ME! I really wasn't to happy about getting dirty.

Landon kept wanting to leave soccer practice early so he could run off and join in the fun. I told him firmly if he didn't finish practice he wouldn't be able to climb up on the dirt pile. So, he hesitated for a little while and got back into the practice game. I ended up driving him over to the pile so he could check it out. Boy, did he have a blast.

Landon and Logan finally decided to climb up on top of the mountain. The boys were playing "King of The Mountain". Logan ended up peeing off the top of the dirt hill onto the other side of the dirt hill. Nice! Logan doesn't quite have a full understanding of modesty!

I could barely get them off the dirt pile to go home. I have a feeling this is going to become a ritual of playing on the dirt pile every time Landon has soccer!

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