Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Old School Pictures!

Most people don't know me from when I was much younger! My old friend Destiny posted these on her facebook account. These pictures were before digital cameras! I thought you guys would get a real laugh from them.

Best friends back at BYUH! I'm thinking this was fall of '96

Completely fun night of eating out and dancing!

Sumiteer Trip to Boundary Waters! I think we took this trip Summer of '95! One week canoeing, no electrics, and no real bathrooms. Talk about living out in the wild! Can you find me in the group picture? Second girl from the right? I'm wearing a plaid green and blue hat! Senior Pictures! I'm about 17 years old!


MoziEsmé said...

Cute pics! I hate looking back at my school photos, personally...

You had asked a while back what type of paint we used on a tshirt. It was paint left behind to dump by a former tenant - Delta Fabric Dye Shimmering Fabric Color and Brush On Fabric Color. Worked great!

REAL ME said...

Gotta love old snaps