Sunday, March 15, 2009

My Weight Loss Journey!

Sorry, to all of my loyal readers but I haven't had much time to blog. I'm currently working on transforming my body. So, I have been spending lots of time working out, reading weight loss books, and just focusing on myself! We haven't done any school stuff this week. I already feel super guilty about ignoring my kids while I work but I need to lose this weight. I ended up finding an awesome deal on a jogging stroller at a resale shop in Rogers. I ended up with the coolest stoller for wholesale price. I would post a picture but I missplaced my camera again. I'm thinking I left it a Chuck E Cheese along with a book I checked out at the library. Ya, I'm not to happy with myself. I'm taking Fish Oil to help me with my brain. I swear...I'm losing some brain cells. Anyhoo, I ended up jogging and Logan rode his bike. Sweet...He doesn't feel neglected and I get an awesome workout. Logan even asked me if I was a slow runner due to my big belly. Thanks son, for keeping it real. Than, the weather went super cold so back inside on the treadmill. I did manage to jog for three miles straight without stopping on my treadmill. Yes, I can make it! I will be able to run at the 5 K without making a complete fool of myself. I'm going to be doing the Body Of Life program. I'm going to sign up in April. I'm even going to take before and after pictures. My hubby thinks I'm crazy but I'm going to do it. I really want to loss the weight before my 31st birthday! It's coming up the end of May. I'm currently following the Body of Life eating plan. I already lost 3 lbs this week. I'm so excited. Anyhoo, I have to run. Leroy just got up and the kids are being naughty.

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Teaching Heart Mom said...

I am on the same journey! Love your son's comment. Kids do keep it real!!! I have had many of those comments from my kids. My son knows he needs to say my butt is tiny, because he once said it was big and I was in a bad mood and he got in trouble. Good luck to us both. I want to run a 5K in May too.