Saturday, March 7, 2009

On this very day, 147 years ago...

that the battle of Pea Ridge took place!

Pea Ridge was one of the most pivotal Civil War battles, and is the most intact Civil War battlefield in the country. We took the kids plus the two neighboor boys to the Pea Ridge National Miliatry Park. This was a first time for us to visit this historical site. I still can't believe we never been here before. The military park is a very scared placed! You almost feel almost as if you were back in time. The landscape is breathing taking! I thought the weather was going to be warm and sunny. But I was so wrong. I had all the kids dressed in short sleeve shirts and no jackets. Even though it was 70 degrees outside the wind was killer cold. I felt horrible about it. The kids didn't seem to mind so much was they were busy on the hiking trail. The trees really helped in blocking out some of the wind. Over looking, the open fields of the battle field were really stunning. You really need to visit to really get the whole experience!

Later on, we were able to watch an reinactment of the Confederate Firing Program! We were actually able to be part of history. The guide told us we were standing on scared ground. This was where the battle took place. They had several cannons lined up to demostate how they worked in the battle. This was the very FIRST time in 147 years that cannons were loaded and fired! Leah hated it! The poor girl ended up covering her ears. The boys loved it! They didn't care for the sulfur smell that came from cannons being fired! Afterwhere, they children were invited to cross over the yellow rope and check out the cannons first hand!

After, that reinactment we ended up watching the 1st Iowa Battery demostate how they used their weapons. I ended up having to run Leah to the potty during this demostation. Yes, Leah is finally potty trained! I ended up not catching all the information. The boys were right up against the fence watching the whole thing. They were so impressed. They especially loved watching them fire off their weapons.

At the end, Leroy decided to walk with all of the boys back to the Vistor Center while I drove the van back with Leah. The boys all found walking sticks and were so excited to hike back to the park enterance.

While back at the Vistor Center we all watched a movie about the Battle of Pea Ridge. Leah ended up going crazy at the vistor center! She ended up hitting three random kids. It was so embrassing. Eventually, I had to take her out to van. Seriously, the poor girl was so exhausted.

After leaving the park, we decided to hit Draiy Queen and pick up some yummy frozen treats for all the kids.

If you haven't been to the Pea Ridge National Military Park you need to. The kids loved being able to be on the actually spot that history took place. Talk about bringing history to life. We are planning on going again when its not so windy and take the kids on the whole walking trail.

I'm not able to upload any photos at the moment but I will try to post them tomorrow!

Here is a wonderful video of Pea Ridge! Check it out!

Battle of Pea Ridge

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Erica said...

Wow! What a great things for the kids to experience, history firsthand :) Even if it was a bit *chilly* hahaha. Seventy here would be a heatwave!