Friday, March 6, 2009

Some of her favorite things...

Here's my little sweet pea giving her baby a kiss!

While at the store Leah found these really cute Elmo juice boxes. She insisted that I buy them for her. She ended up drinking them all at once. So, I was really surprised when I found her in my room with the juice boxes in a big zip lock bag. She's still holding onto those juice boxes. I guess she's turning into a Elmo fan!

This is where I discovered Leah the other day. She climbed into my bed with all of her favorite stuff. I found her singing Old Mcdonald song to her baby. She was signing this part over and over again "e, i, e, i, o"! Over and Over again. She was even busy reading to her baby her favorite Seasme street book. I just love having a little girl. My boys never did anything this cute!

Her favorite baby doll given by her grandma

A plastic bag filled with three old Elmo juice boxes

Her favorite sesame street book from her auntie

Two foam puzzles

Her favorite baby blanket that I made her for Xmas

Baby cradle

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Lisa said...

This is the sweetest! Ahhhh....little girls! I have 2 myself.