Thursday, March 5, 2009

Reading Challenge: On Top Of Spaghetti

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to locate the book "On Top Of Spaghetti" instead I found this book called "Giant Meatball" by Robert Weinstock! I know this isn't the right book for the challenge but this was the best I could do. The kids absolutely loved it! The Gaint meatball is really rude in the book. The towns people get tried of the gaint meatball destorying things all over the town. The mayor is finally able to stop the gaint meatball. The very last page in the book shows the townspeople sitting around a big table about to eat the Gaint Meatball! Super Cute!

“On the outskirts of a snoozy little town, not so long ago, there lived a giant meatball…”

“…He swerved and sloshed his way about…”

I also found this other book called " Keep on Rollin' Meatballs." It's a kids cook book. I had Landon look over the page on how to make meatballs. All of sudden, Landon starts yelling about how gross the recipe is. I'm thinking to myself what's gross about meatballs. So, I asked him what his problem with meatballs? He said "Gross, you have to mix the meat mixture with your hands! Gross!!!!! I told him that he wouldn't have to mix it by hand. He would add all the indegredients and I would mix it by hand. The meatballs turned out prefect!

Join Ms. Shannon at Teaching Tiny Tots for the reading challenge!

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Bill Kayser said...

Hi Lara. Glad you liked Giant Meatball. It was written by a friend of mine from college. He just came out with another book (I haven't got it yet) called "Food Hates You Too, and Other Poems." Should be great.

In Giant Meatball, study the pictures. There are a lot of interesting tiny details, like the farmer who starts with a chicken on his head, then it becomes an egg, then it becomes a little hatchling.