Wednesday, July 1, 2009

ChaLEAN Extreme

First lets go over the basics. ChaLEAN Extreme is a 90 day program but you have the option of going 120 days. There are three main phases, the first phase is the Burn phase. In this phase you will lift weights so you can speed up your metabolism and break down any fat reserves. There are upper body and lower body workouts and most the time your are working them out at the same time. The second phase is called the Push Phase. There are different workouts and still weight lifting, but this time with heavier weights. Where in the burn phase you do a weight where you can get 10-12 reps, in the Push phase you use weights where you can only do 6-8 reps. It gets tougher, but you are still gaining muscle to burn away that fat. The third phase is called the Lean Phase. This is where you will really start to see the results, all that weight lifting and work you did in the first two months, lead you up to this point. You will do new workouts and exercises that will help melt those fat reserves right off your body. After this phase you can be done, but there is also another phase that you can chose to do called the Lean for life phase, it is an extra thirty days for anybody who really wants to push themselves. It is there as an option, so you can make the decision after the 90 days is over.

I absolutely love the ChaLEAN Extreme workouts!

What I really enjoy about this workout, is that the sessions are only about 30 to 45 long.

If you go back a couple of posts, you will find out that I have lost over 10 percent of my body fat, lost a total 9 pounds, and over 11 inches off my body.

The workouts are not to hard but no easy either.

It's mostly weight lifting.

I don't feel like I get enough cardio in this program. So, I run about 3 times a week!

I went from being overweight and seriously no muscles.

I'm now on my way to a rock hard body. My legs are super strong and my arms are getting really strong.

Women don't bulk up like men. Women who build muscle will get leaner and tighter.

This program has changed my life. You will need to invest in either weights or bands.

You will have to buy yourself a whole new wardrobe.

You will need to spend more money on eating healthier. You will see amazing results if you stick with the program. It's five days a week. I spend one hour every morning devoted to execrising. I try to run three times a week in the evening.

If you have any me.


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