Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Flowers are Blooming!

Come step outside and take a walk with me around my yard. In my front flower box, I have several flowers bloom'n at the moment. It always amazes how these plants are still bloom'n in this horrible heat. I really don't bother to water my plants. So, I was really surprised to see all of these plants bloom'n today. The vegetable garden is a complete disater. My garden containers are doing okay at the moment. My squash all died for some mysertious reason. It happened last year as well so did the zuchinni. The only thing doing well is the tomatoes and cucumbers. Also, to my surprise we have one watermelon growing up the side of the metal fence. So, take a quick look at the flowers in my yard.

I can't recall the name of this flower. I just sprinkled the seeds in this flower box and completely forgot about it. In the matter of weeks, I have the very pretty blooming flower!



Asiatic Lily

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banananutmeg said...

my cucumbers flopped. you can have all the squash you want from me! those lilies are awesome.