Monday, July 27, 2009

Diamond Springs

The best part of Crater of Diamonds state park is the kids water park! It's located right next to the visitor center! We decided to spend the afternoon at the water park instead of the diamond mine. The weather was super hot but the water park was nice and cool! Note to myself is to bring the kids life vest next time. The water goes all the down to 3 feet. Leroy and I had to be literally in the water with the kids the whole time. We were very worried about their safety. The two little ones wanted to go down the water slide but they were turned away because they were too short. Landon only went down the water slide two times. The first time, he was practically in tears! I told him I would catch him at the bottom of the slide but I was late getting to the slide. The life guard managed to get to him right before I did! The poor kid! He was sitting on the bottom part of the slide and another kid came crashing down on him. The nice part of the water park is the water starts out like a beach gets gradually deeper. I really wish Bella Vista had a water park!

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