Friday, July 17, 2009

Sports Camp 2009

I'm all about free community programs. Too bad more people don't take avantage of them. This year they had half the amount of kids they had last year. I felt really bad for the organziors. I know what it feels like to put a lot of effort into something and have a poor turnout. The kids still ended up having a blast and they ended up getting a lot of attention. Lots of tennis and basketball pratice. Logan didn't care for the Bible lesson. He decided to stand by himself for the first part with his ears covers. This is one of the reasons why he isn't ready for school. The poor kid is a little bit on the different side. I ended up bringing the nieghbor kid, a church kid, and my three kids. I had too explain that they weren't all of my kids. I can't wait to take the kids back tomorrow for so more sports fun.


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