Thursday, July 16, 2009

Pat of Silver Bush

Pat of Silver Bush and Mistress Pat are the two novels in the "Pat series" by L.M. Montgomery! I accidentally read the second novel first not realizing it. Once, I had finished Mistress Pat I went online and order Pat of Silver Bush. Wow, I love the "Pat series"! If you loved the "Anne series" you will love the "Pat series". Pat is very real and has to deal with "change" all the time throughout the two books.

Pat starts to realize at a young age that change happens all the time and it can be painful. Pat loves her home, her family, and friends.Change is never easy and Pat loves her home so much almost too much that she starts to question her love for her home over life. She finds it very painful whenever change happens. She wants to live at home for ever. The one thing that doesn't change is her home.
Pat is very real not quite like the "Anne" books where Anne is a little bit to prefect but Pat is not prefect. Pat is very sensitive to her environment and to change. I did feel that Pat was a little bit obsessed with her home at Silver Bush.
So, if your looking for a good read, than make sure to read the "Pat series" too many people stop after the "Anne series" not realizing they are missing out in a great series of books.

Oh, Pat is so lovable. I will also have a little spot in my heart for Pat!

The next book on my reading list is "The Tangle Web" by L.M. Montgomery!


banananutmeg said...

Aaron had Elders Quorum meeting/interviews tonight. Ug! I feel like I'm NEVER going to make it to the sewing circle-I was there in spirit :o)

lara said...

The sewing circle meets in the morning at 9:00am. It's okay! We wouldn't be meeting again for a couple of weeks. We are going out of town next week and Eunice will be gone for a couple of weeks as well. I will let you know when it starts up again.