Tuesday, July 28, 2009

On The Hunt...Again!

After spending two days searching for diamonds. We decided to head over to the Ka-Do-Ha Indian Village to search for Arrowheads. I wasn't expecting to much but was very surprised how wonderful it was. We learned about the Indians that use to live in this area over 1,000 years ago. They had several burial mounds unearthed. It was a little on the creepy side looking down into the holes seeing the old bones of former Indian Chiefs! After viewing the mounds we headed out to this huge field that was plowed. They allowed you to search for arrow heads. They called it finders and keepers. It had rained the day before. The plowed area was extremely muddy but fun. It really made me feel like a little kid again. I ended up finding an old arrowhead over 1,000 years old. Leroy bought a case to put it in. We didn't want to take any chances losing it. Also, they have a small museum with a trading post. The boys ended up picking out some arrowhead necklaces and Leah selected a nice beaded necklaces.


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Bill said...

Nice post. Hunting arrowheads in the mud is fun. Good that you found one.