Sunday, July 26, 2009

Diamonds are Girlfriend's Best Friend

Crater of Diamonds State Park, is the only diamond mine in the USA! Yes, this is a true fact. Everyone should try to make a trip to this state park and dig for diamonds. Talk about once in a life time opportunity to dig for diamonds. I was very surprised to find out people come all over the United States to dig for diamonds. It was a quick drive to the state park. Well, maybe not super quick less than 4.5 hours to drive to the park. We pulled into the park late in the afternoon. We didn't waste too much time setting up the camp. The kids were so excited about searching for diamonds.

A couple of notes! If you decided to make a trip to the state park make sure you bring your whole tools for digging for diamonds. The state parks charges the most outragvoues prices to rent their equipment. They charge close to $45 to rent a bucket, two screens, and shovel per day! That's not a typo! $45! You can go to Lowe's you purchase everything you need and make your own screens. Also, I didn't realize they charge money to enter the diamond mine to dig for the diamonds. If you purchase your tickets after 6:00pm they are good for the very next day.

So, we purchase our tickets for the diamond mine. Down below they have a small visitor center which talks about how to mine for diamonds and how diamonds happened to be found in Arkansas. The diamond field is very close to the vistor center. They even have a person who will identify your finds: minerals, rocks, and diamonds. They also have a wash station where you can spray yourself off. It can get really muddy!

We walked out into the mine and Logan discovered Diamonds right away. They turned out to be quartz but not in Logan's mind. Landon ended up finding some more quartz that very first day!

The second day of mining. I thought I discovered a diamond. I rushed it right over to Leroy to hold on to safe keeping. I'm really bad about losing things. Well, Leroy was headed over to have it identify at the desk. He accidently dropped it. He wasn't able to recover it. I wasn't too happy with him. So, I had a diamond and lost it. It was very tiny!

Also, the second day it decided to down pour. We took the kids out to pan for diamonds. Oh, you should of seen the boys. Completely, covered in mud from head to toe. Leah even go into it but that's no surprise. She isn't too girly she like getting down in the mud. The rain started to come down in buckets we headed back to camp. We did manage to go back out later night and dig for diamonds. We didn't find anymore diamonds but lots of jasper and quartz. Leroy and I concluded that searching for diamonds is like looking for a needle in a hay stack!

Check out the slide show to see more pictures from the diamond mine. Also, tomorrow if I get a chance. I will post pictures from Diamond Springs water park which is located at the state park.


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