Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Simple Life...

I just finished making these addorable little girl bloomers...

Sorry, I haven't been around for a while. I decided a while ago to try to live a more simple life. Less running around and more staying home. I decided to look around and value the things that I love the most. My husband, family, and our home. What my home. I always neglect my home. Piles, piles of stuff everywhere. I decided this week to slow things down and work on getting my home in order. It wasn't easy. I'm not 100% happy with the conditions but we are slowing making improvements. I put down WE because I can't do it all by myself. Everyone in the family is having to help. It's not easy getting the little ones to help but Leah loves to help me clean. I decided it would be fun to host a sewing circle. The moviation I really need to get my house cleaned. I knew people would be coming over and I really didn't want to embrassed myself.

Well, my neighbor ended up being the only one to come to the sewing circle which worked out great becuase we ended up getting a lot of attention from Eunice our sewing instructor. She was sooo kind and patient with our endless questions. Eunice helped my neighbor learn how to make a swimsuit and she taught me how to make a skirt for Leah. We attempted to make a shirt but it ended up being way too small. We decided just to turn it into a bid for her wear while eating her food. She has ruin for tops than I can even recall.

The skirt turned out super cute! Leah could barely wait for me to finish it. I'm going to make some bloomers to go under the skirt.

Eunice will be coming over every Thrusday. I can't wait. Me time! I really need this. Doing something for myself but still being able to be home with the kids. The kids did a great job playing outside and not getting into trouble. Hopefully, some more people will come out to join us in our sewing adventures.

Double the Trouble!
I made this!!!!!!!!!! Yes, I got skills!


Mamarazzi said...

i am excited about this group, I'm still out of town though and won't be there tonight.

I really want to make little sleeping bags for my girls. I don't have a pattern, but they're basically large squares with a zipper to fold them in half, and maybe a ribbon or elastic on the end to keep them folded up. They won't be warm enough for real camping, but I think the girls would like taking them to little sleep overs with grandma or Kasey's, or for movie night in the living room. I would LOVE some help from eunice on the project..I can sew the big square together, but have NO IDEA how to sew a zipper in, or what size zipper to purchase.
Do you guys have specific projects you'll be working on in the group, or can I just bring my project and work on it with Eunice there to answer questions and give help when I run into a problem?

Good for you for taking time for yourself. Also, I LOVE to organizw and would love to come help you tackle a room or closet if you want. Sometimes it is nice to have another set of eyes to give suggestions on how to better organize a space.

the bloomers are ADORABLE!

Mamarazzi said...

oops! I'm on vacation and signed into blogger as my sister. It's meg. :o)

lara said...

Oh, Meg! I was kinda confused at first but quickly realized it was you.

The great thing about Eunice is she can do just about anything. Eunice totally rocks. I love the old girl.

The most awesome thing about sewing circle is its FREE! She's coming over each week to help me on my sewing projects.

Can't wait for you to join us next week.