Friday, February 19, 2010

Garden Plans

In order to have an successful must have a great plan. Last gardening efforts were a complete bust. I decided to plant a couple dozen different plants and ended up in a complete disaster. My squash were killed off by something mysterious again for two years in a row. I ended up planting way too many plants in too small of gardening space.

I decided to bite the bullet and try to be more realistic with my plans. I'm going to try square foot gardening. I'm going to make either two or four beds. Getting enough sun light is my biggest problem plus house sitting on top of a hill doesn't help. Lots of challenges maybe I should turn my postage stamp front yard into square foot gardening beds?'s the plan!

Bush grean beens-Derby by park seed!
Cucumbers-Eureaka Hybird-park seed.
peppers-Park's Whopper Improved hybird-park seed.
Tomatoes Roma-park seed.
Broccoli-packman-park seed.
Squash and zuchinni from walmart!

I'm going to make square foot garden beds.

4-2x8x4 pine wood pieces
5/16 x3 inches lag bolts and washers
vinyle strips-edging to make the gird

I'm going to use Mel's mix for the soil to use to grow my plants.

I just now need to figure out where to put my bed. I'm going to use my old gardening spot for growing flowers.

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