Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. I'm ready for winter to be over. Another snow day for the ended up snowing all day yesterday but it didn't stick. I thought for sure they would have school. Landon was all ready to catch the bus. Leroy said I should check to make sure that school hadn't been cancelled. I look outside and it look like a light dusting of snow on the ground. I decided to check the schools website and sure enough they cancelled school due to icy road conditions.

2. I decided to head out this morning for a morning run. Sure enough...hardly any ice. It mostly was all snow. I still don't understand why they didn't delay the start of school becuase all of the roads are now clear. I did managed to run 5 miles going up and down hills without having to stop. I'm thinking about running in half marathon in about a month. I'm going to have to recommitt myself to running. Hopefully, winter will finish up soon. I can't wait for spring.

3. While the weather outside is cloudy and gloomy. We decided to repaint the inside of the house. Three kids equals lots of damage and dirty walls. Leroy and I ended up in a huge fight over paint color. I want some color and he wants tan. It's so boring. I finally decided to give in becuase Leroy's going to be doing all of the work. I guess you have to pick your battles with your husband as well as the kids.

4. I taught my enrichment class last week. I was really nervous but I did it. It really help me to boost my confidence level when it comes to public speaking...not a strong point for me. Everyone loved my treat ideas. I demostated how to make homemade marshmallows, pretzel treats, chocolate dip rice krispie treats, and dipped pretzels.

5. After teaching the class and eating a ton of yummy treats...I managed to gain four pounds. I have already lost 3 of those pounds.

6. While searching Craigslist Leroy found the prefect truck for our family. It's a total red-neck truck it's Ford 350 crew cab truck, 4x4, and it has steps on both sides up the truck. We decided to call it "BIG BLUE". You feel like your inside a semi truck. This truck is HUGE!

7. I'm still working on putting together Landon's class Valentine Day's Party. We're expected to recieve more snow...hopefully, the party wouldn't be cancelled. I'm still waiting for a package to arrive from Californa with the Golf Toss game. If it doesn't come in time...I'm going to have to come up with some else for the kids. Say a prayer!

8. I'm still trying to figure when to take my trip to Chicago. I'm still thinking about going during Spring Break. I really wanted to go up for the Susan G. Komen run but my sister isn't interested in running it with me. I'm still unsure when to go...the weather is so cold. I would hate to go up and find it to be cold weather. I'm a wimp.

9. I watch two good shows online...The first one is called "The Way We Live Now" and "Tess of Duberville". Both of the shows are period pieces and very interesting. Tess is not your typical love's very depressing but very interesting at the same time.

10. Also, I'm thinking about getting my hair dyed. All of my gray hairs are starting to show thru. I can't believe it. I hate to lose my natural color.

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