Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. We finally have new neighbors. A nice family from Texas. Leah and I made them some yummy andes mint cookies to take over to them. Seriously, the best cookies I have ever made before. Nearly impossible to stop eating. So, we dropped them off to welcome them to the neighbor. Afterwards, we came back home and we finished up a puzzle as a family. It was little crazy with everyone trying to finish up the puzzle. It was a big cluster of wasn't easy to finish but it was fun.

2. Last week, the weather warmed up for a couple of days. I decided it was a good opportunity to get the yard clean up. I spented six hours on the first day working on front yard and the next two days on the back and side yard. Unforuently, the weather has turned cold again. So, no yard until the weather changes. We are expected to receive a wintery mix by the end the week. I can't wait for spring.

3. As I mention earlier...the kids are crazy about puzzles. I decided to pick up a couple of sets of puzzles to keep the kids busy. They haven't even watch a single movie in three days. I didn't realize how much Logan loves to do puzzles. I ended up driving around to three different second shops looking for used kids puzzle. I was only able to find one for two dollars it was a really nice Melissa and Doug puzzle which is the only brand I like to buy for my kids. I finally throw in the towel and we headed over to the educational store and pick up two more puzzles which were overpriced but I'm desperate. The kids could spend all day working on puzzles.

4. I haven't blog to much lately. Seriously, no inspiration. I picked up a ton of books from the library but I couldn't come up with any good ideas. So, we are stilling with puzzles until I get my creative juices flowing again.

5. Just recieved Logan's kindergarten packet...I still can't believe he will be going to big kids school in the fall. I'm trying to enjoy everyday with my little guy. Once they go to school everything changes. I just wish he could stay little forever.

6. On the way home from Gymnastics...Logan announced he need to use the bathroom. I ask him if he could wait or if he wanted to go pee outside. He told me to pull over fast. Luckily, it was dark outside and he did his business. I told him next time to use the bathroom at the gym.

7. Landon has his first concert this Thursday...which happens to be the same time as enrichment. I'm incharge of the dinner. Opps...I'm planning on attending both events. It should be a crazy evening.

8. I'm still running...Last Sat. I managed to hit a crack with my shoe and I ended up falling down. I thought I would have a huge bruise but I managed to run away with a scratch. When running it's important to watch where your running.

9. Also, Logan can make his own bed...yippee...I don't have to help him anymore.

10. Leah's still being Leah...I still feel like I got jipped on the girl thing. She's all tomboy. I don't have to worry about her...the little girl can still put up a good fight.

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