Tuesday, February 16, 2010

When all is quiet...

While working on cleaning up the house. I noticed that it was unusually quiet. Oh, no...what are the kids up to now. This is where I found the two of them. Quiety reading books while sitting on the ledge above the staircase that goes downstairs. This is spot normally off limits but I thought it was cute of the two of them. Logan had retreated to an area his little sister wouldn't bother him. Straight down to the basement. Sorry, about the mess. I'm working on getting the house clean up.
Busy looking at books.

I love catching them reading...just wish they were sitting in a safer spot.

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Carol Nichols said...

Hi Lara,
I like your gardening plans. Why don't you put the raised beds in the former dog run area. The nice chain link fence will be good protection from deer and other creatures that might want to nibble on your vegetables. Mom