Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Valentine's Day Bean Bag Toss Game

Homemade Bean Bag Toss Game
I'm incharge of planning Landon's Valentine's Day class party. I decided last week to order a game called golf toss. I thought for sure it would arrive before the party came but due to all the weather doesn't look like its going to arrive in time. I was in a near panick last night. What to do????? I needed one more game for the kids to play during the party. I thought about going out and buying a toss across game but I couldn't find one in the area. Seriously, stressing out. Out of the blue...I had a moment of inspiration. What about making my own toss game. What didnt' I think about this last week instead of ordering golf toss game.
I decided it would be cute to make my own bean bags out of some purple stretchy fabric with hearts sewn on top to give them a nice Valentine's Day theme. I just cut out square of fabric by 5x5. I sewed around three sides of the bean bags. I filled up the bags with dry beans and finished up sewing up the side of the bag. I decided it would be cute to add a fringe around the edge. The finished product...looks awesome! Take a look!
The next challenge was to make a toss game. I decided to use a big box and cut out some holes and hearts for the kids to toss the bean bags thru the opening. Logan decided it would be fun to paint the box with big hearts. We finished up the box with glueing on crumbled up crepe paper to give it a nice festive looks. I also finished up by wrapping the rest of the box in red wrapping paper.

It didn't take long for the Cat to check out the new toss game. The cat thought this was going to be her new home. That's a cat for ya!
Ta-Da!!!! The finished project. It's a crazy looking but the kids love it. I'm sure Landon's class is going to have a blast playing this game tomorrow at their class party.

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