Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Love's in the air

A recent snow storm has shut down the whole community again but we still managed to still have church which I thought was a bit ridiculous if you ask me. We still managed to make it to church because Leroy had to teach his primary class. A couple of weeks ago, we were hit by another snow storm. The weather is very unpredictable at the moment. I'm really hoping we don't get any more snow this year. Due to not normally having snow...we really lack the ability to plow and clear the roads which means no school. The kids ended up missing another two days from school. Landon will have to make up 7 snow days. I'm starting to think...we will never get a summer break.

Like I said with their being no school. The kids were stuck again at home. I decided it would be fun to pull together at the last minute a lesson on Valentine's day. I pulled out my two favorite books called One Zillion Valentines and The Valentine Cat. After reading the two books...The kids made their own valentine day cards and we made heart shape valentine cookies.

Book review: One Zillion Valentine's is one of my favorite Valentine book. This book is currently out of print but can be easily found at the library. The book is about two friends that want to buy V-day cards but they don't have any money. They come up with an idea to make their own cards to pass out to family and friends but they end up having so many cards left over that they decide to sell them. The boys take their money to buy a big box of valentine chocolates to share with each other.

Activity: Making homemade valentine cards for family and friends!

Book Review: If you're a cat lover than this book is for you. The story is about a lonely painter that adopts a scare kitten with a special mark on its forehead of a white shape heart. The cat becomes missing but don't worry they end up finding each other in the end. This book is really geared towards kids 5 and up. Be warned this book is very long. Leah loved the pictures in the book but it didn't hold her attention. The boys loved it. Also, the illustrations are AMAZING. I love how the artist did every page in the same four colors, white, black, teal, and red.

I'm currently having computer problems but we made homemade sugar cookies and homemade Valentine Day cards.

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Valerie said...

I'll have to look for those books at the library. Your activity looks fun too!